The Key

“The first step toward change is awareness, the second step is acceptance.”
– Nathaniel Branden

There seems to be a strange scent in the air, an unfamiliar energy of change. One may find it sad or confusing, but on the contrary, you might find it to be a “wake up call”.

There is a passion in my heart that is moving my mind quickly towards this air of change. It energizes my ambition and gives my abilities the chance for growth. This drive on the search for answers is stronger now than it has ever been. I don’t want to stay here, conforming to what our society is telling me to do. I don’t want to stay stuck. I choose to listen to my heart, my gut and everything else that shakes my being.

My entire life has been spent listening to others, falling in to decisions that are not mine, while remaining trapped inside my mind. Internalized pain kept safe from outside influences and intruders, keeping MY answers safe, waiting for the key to share them.


The journey towards awareness has been sparked by love. A calm and nurturing love, accepting me for all that I am – all of the pain and loving energy I harness – without trying to change me. This love gives me the strength to think for myself and the shoulder to cry on when I find the answers. It is strong as if it’s been lived before, with roots that are intertwined in intriguing ways, and leaves that reach towards the same light. Love is the key to what lies ahead, it is the key to everything.

To answer this wake up call, we must feel everything that love has to offer us. We have to deepen our roots through asking questions, regardless of how the answer feels, and strengthen those roots by feeding the boundaries around them with energy that belongs to us.

We have to be aware that change is here and use our love to unlock acceptance of it.

– SH

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