I wonder…

…if there is a point in our time line that prevents us from finding ourselves.


Is there a time where we get lost? And is it because the path to truth is so lonely? Is it because there are so many false truths presented in such a seductive way along the way, that we get lost?!

I wonder what makes a person go from being themselves and continuously working at awareness to conforming to the societal and manipulative scare tactics of other humans. That must be one of the forces of balance we seek. But could there be a 3rd force?! Some external pull that contributes to the diversion of our path to our true selves.

I am driven by the thoughts and awareness of the connection in everything. Watching for those tiny little “coincidences” in every moment I am blessed with. Remaining in somewhat of a meditative state, watching those thoughts and interactions with people and their energy with an open mind and heart.

Do most people believe they are living their “dream”? Do they believe they are doing exactly what they are meant to, while falling blind to subtle truths? I see the passions in their eyes, though. Keeping in the forefront of my mind, that these are only my perceptions of the reality I live in.

Today I have silenced my ego, and watched what is going on around me, as well as the little judgements that sometimes surface. Maybe this is a daily practice to implement.

Practice does not makes perfect. Practice creates growth in the direction of consciousness. 


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