You cannot distract yourself from the thoughts of future meltdowns, because you have the emotional strength and capacity to nurture them. You cant ignore the fears that you have, rattling you to the core. Appreciate the effort for trying to remain strong for everyone, but you have to understand that you’re not helping anyone by drowning yourself in only positive thoughts. That’s not practical…

Smarten up…

Slow down…



It’s easier to pretend we have all the answers than to admit to our fears. We rest uneasy at night, hoping to wake rested enough, and a little earlier than the day before. With the hope of living a little more and a little longer of how WE want.

But, we remain trapped in a cycle, of the excuses we make for why we dont do what makes us happy. We live inside of the expectations that others place on us (society included), which heavily influence the expectations we have of ourselves.

We create a vacuum for energy and struggle to turn it off. And it’s not until we flip the switch do we find clarity in what makes us tick. We find the source of where our happiness comes from, and become proficient in defining it and creating its abundance.

It takes a long time to study yourself, from childhood to adulthood, and it takes a lot of work and effort. But practice loving what you find. Radiating what is at our core gives us the ability to attract what we need to live our best life. Because living anything but is not what we are here for.

Love & Light.

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