As a mom, it is my birthright to ensure she feels safe, secure, strong and loved.
It is my job to make sure I understand who she is, who she is becoming, and to guide her there peacefully.
” – SH

Photo by Artist Shannon Smith Photography

I am working tirelessly to provide emotional stability for her, and to study the way her almost 6 year old brain is growing and how I can help nourish and create strong neural connections in this crucial, life changing time.

No one is the same. No one deals with difficult situations the same, but the bond we have has connected us since gestation.
And although the mother daughter bond is one of the strongest bonds, it is up to us to keep it together.
It is up to me to ensure we stay integrated.

The older she gets, the harder she tries to make sense of things.
Sometimes, the things that don’t make sense, are hard to learn about.
And they get all jumbled up with the rest of the thoughts that she tries to make sense of,
And then her empathy confuses things even more.

I wish I could take the confusion away.
But I know, what kind of strength comes from it.
She will grow in ways I know she can handle, with the right guidance.
She needs flexibility.
She needs adaptability.
She needs coherency.
She needs energization and stability.
I am creating the habit of awareness within myself and how I guide her,
So that she may understand what it means to live in the moment.

I will stop at nothing to make sure she is happy, healthy, and fulfilled in every way possible.
It was built into my genetics for her.

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